Two Ts | January Outdoor Playtime

180109 SOL bg 3

We had a set of Ws.  We ended up having a set of Ts.  And both duos have a very vivacious relationship with each other.

180109 SOL bg 4

Tennyson and Truly are sweethearts.  Well, Tennyson is a firecracker and Truly can hold her own, but, in general, these two have a precious bond that’s fun to see develop.  I don’t know if both of them being year+ breastfed babies and co-sleeping infants has anything to do with their gentler bond than our Ws (which is a bit feistier, but still close) but it makes me wonder.

180109 SOL bg 6

The other day Tennyson had a crying fit in the kitchen and Truly, who was across the house, turned around with her arms fully extended upwards, hands clasping and unclasping the air and ran all the way to him (as much as a 14 month old can run) until she finally reached him and tried her best to console him.  This is normal.  She loves on her brother so much, such tenderness.   Such a sweetheart.

180109 SOL bg 7180109 SOL bg 20180109 SOL bg 8

Tennyson is learning to be such a good big brother.  He pushes her around in this wonky car we found, he has her sit on his Thomas the Tank Engine scooter/car in the house and takes her on rides around the kitchen -trading places often.  He also simply pushes her just for kicks/to see what happens -he’s learning. But, for the most part, they play together well and that’s so fun to see.

180109 SOL bg 9180109 SOL bg 10180109 SOL bg 12180109 SOL bg 14180109 SOL bg 16180109 SOL bg 18

180108 SOL bg 2

Tennyson is all about firetrucks.  He has a collection going, and going strong.

Kids playing outside.  I am so thankful we have a house with a yard and room for little people to romp.

180108 SOL bg 1


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