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One of my favorite things about unschooling is watching the kids help teach each other.  What a skill that is -learning to teach someone else and, conversely, learning to accept instruction from someone else, regardless of age or “rank.”  It’s the ultimate cooperation.

Wilder was helping Waverley read.  She’s been slower at having enthusiasm for reading, but is making progress.  I see a lot of similarities to me in her tendency towards dyslexia and frustration at the tedium of learning how words come together.  I need to remember that we see the greatest leaps and bounds made when they are allowed to learn naturally, in their own time, instead of forcing them to make benchmarks.

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I’m working on my bread skills, learning new tips and techniques, thanks to our binge watching of “The Great British Baking Show.”

Fresh bread is best on the day-of, we’ve learned, and makes good toast after that.  So making it early in the day so we can eat as much as possible before it becomes “toast” is key 😉180109 SOL bg 25

With electronics playing such a big part in our kids’ lives, it’s been *wonderful* seeing when they choose to embrace the fun we remembered as kids: table games.

My fam was and still are very big on card games.  Uno, in particular.  I remember doubles and triple deck Uno tournaments that were legendary.

Oh, the fun to come!

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