Slice of Life On A Sunday | Pancakes, Baking and Odds

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Truly dragged over Waverley’s robe and held it up.  She waved her arm and pointed to the robe, So Waverley interpreted that Truly wanted to wear her cozy get up.  She was right on.

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Sundays: always pancake breakfast.

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These two generally are at odds with each other.  Tennyson (3) is loud, active and rather “all up in your face.”  Wilder is quirky in his own right and rather sensitive, so usually my oil+water boys are trying to figure out life with the other.  But I caught a super sweet moment where Wilder was patiently reading to Tenny -and I’m SO glad I have it for keeps now.  A beautiful reminder of what *can* happen and *does* happen.

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Both of them were not enthused that I found it to be a Kodak moment…

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And then Truly came and snuggled them.

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Later that day, Waverley was reading another one of Tennyson’s favorites, “Green Eggs and Ham.”  (I love you, Waverley xoxox)

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“What do you guys want to bake today?” I asked.

Waverley wanted cinnamon rolls.  Wilder wanted a cinnamon cake.

“Let’s flip a coin!” Waverley suggested.  They did: Waverley won.

“Whenever we flip a coin, I ALWAYS lose!” Wilder exclaimed.

“That’s impossible,” Brian said.  And so he decided to demonstrate it.

The kids gathered around and they flipped a quarter 100 times and tracked the results.  I don’t know what the outcome was, but I loved this teaching moment!

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My baker (I’m just her assistant) hard at work making cinnamon rolls.

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Her hair is so golldarn long!  I can’t believe this little girl who used to never let us brush her hair is now so girly and loves her long locks.  Every time I braid her hair I’m transported back to my 4th grade classroom where a group of us girls would sit during read aloud time after recess and braid hair.  My hair was too short for braids then, but I loved getting to braid all the other girls hair.  Waverley’s thick blond hair reminds me of Stacey Price, a sweet, soft-spoken girl I went to elementary school with who passed away of a heart issue when she was in high school.  She had more hair than I’d ever seen and I remember it was always a bit damp from running around at recess.  I liked braiding Stacey’s hair.

I love braiding Waverley’s.

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After the dough had time to rise and the kids ate their lunch, it was time to make the cinnamon rolls.  We had 1/3 of the dough left over, so we made edible art, creating dough sculptures.  Wilder couldn’t figure out what to make, so I used his and made a tree.  The little bear I put together brought back memories of baking with my Grandma Lee.  As a kid I found a baking book at the library that had a great big bread bear.  I LOVED teddy bears.  And this one was complete with raisin eyes, nose, buttons and a red ribbon tied around its neck.  Mom photocopied the recipe and I brought it to Grandma’s house in Whidbey Island on our next visit from Anchorage.

I remember being not much help, and being very impatient for this big, doughy bear to hurry up and bake so I could see and then eat him.  Grandma Lee was so skilled as a homemaker -from baking to sewing, she was a total pro.  I’m ready to start boning up on my sewing skills.  Who knows anything about sewing machine maintenance?  Mine keeps sticking and gets caught and sloppy underneath…

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We’re getting to be creative with our baking as we wait on purchasing our new oven.  For now, we are blessed to have a toaster oven and I’m quite surprised how much we can do with it, although I need to be more fastidious about using foil to cover things so I don’t scorch them all the time.

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I think we may have accidentally created a tableau.  Oooh, we fancy!

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Everyone agreed that our creations were delicious.

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Back when I was using social media, I was SO huge into taking food photos.  Particularly since we’re plant-based/vegan.  It was exciting to me sharing delicious successes that others might enjoy replicating or getting inspiration for their meal planning.

These days, I pay more attention to the creating and presentation of our food, but my only audience is Brian.  It’s dark so the lighting (from a photography standpoint) is terrible, and when the food is ready I don’t interrupt our meal by grabbing a photo op.  I want him to get to enjoy dinner, I want to make dinner for us.  It’s been a big switch not constantly grabbing photos with my phone or camera with the intent of immediately throwing them out into the fray of social media, but instead to live life for *us*.  When I take pictures, it’s for our history.


This was a particularly pretty dish and came about from trying to solve a problem: how to serve up soft tacos with four different fillings/toppings.  Just layer them in a casserole dish!  I just love the colors.

(Rice, sweet potato, black beans, sweet bell peppers and onions.)

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