Oh, Sugar Candy Recipe, You Elude Us

180110 SOL bg 35

A couple weeks ago we tried making hard candy from the 1:1 ratio of water and sugar -without a candy thermometer.  We pulled up this fun post and had a pitcher of ice water to help us test to see which stage the candy was at as it merrily boiled along.  Well, pfsplfht! It turned back into crystalized sugar and we didn’t get a decent final product (to say the least.)

So.  I bought a cooking thermometer and we decided to give it another go.

180110 SOL bg 32180110 SOL bg 36180110 SOL bg 33

And guess what happened?

We got nearly to 300 degrees and BAM!  Crystalized sugar.  We nearly tried again, but the kids were tired of stirring and waiting.  So we’ll save that for another time.

180110 SOL bg 34

But here’s something that worked!  We tried out this recipe for vegan chocolate silk pie and it was AMAZING!!!  I do love Minimalistbaker.com.  I’ve found some amazing recipes there and her food photos are fantastic.  Can you believe that pie -the entire pie- has only 7 ingredients?

Even WILDER, my picky eater, loved it.  It’s a no bake pie, at that!  I had fun making it with the kids -and we all enjoyed eating it.  I am going to try a “white chocolate” version next time…

180110 SOL bg 39


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