Tempera Paint With Kids

180107 home sm 1

Until this very day, painting projects included my acrylic paints.  It took substantial set up time, patience and the willingness to say farewell to any clothes being worn (along with fairly permanent “decorating” on the furniture, floor and even the driveway pavement where we often had art time.  But not today.  Not today.

180107 home sm 2

I found tempera paints and “non-spill” resealable paint containers.  Yeah, the brushes are large and a bit clumsy, not lending itself to detail work or subtly, but, for the most part, kids want to paint big and bold.  It works!

180107 home sm 3

As they spread paint on their paper, the scent of tempera wafted up to me and memories of painting as a young’n rushed in.  Mom had a killer kid room set up and I remember the large bottles of bombastically bright paint poured in little cups as we wore painting smocks and had paper set up on easels.  Yes, those large brushes were just the right size for little hands with a heartfelt desire to smear a crap ton of color on massive pieces of paper.

180107 home sm 4

Here are the paints I ordered and here are the non-spill resealable paint cups with brushes.

180107 home sm 5180107 home sm 6180107 home sm 7180107 home sm 8180107 home sm 9180107 home sm 10

Waverley’s birthday is just around the corner and she wanted to paint gift bags for her party guests.  Sweet girl!  Unfortunately the paint is so wet it made the bags completely soggy and she ditched them.  They say it’s the thought… 🙂

180107 home sm 11

And then a little extra life happening around the house.

180107 home sm 12180107 home sm 13180108 home sm 14180108 home sm 15


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